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  • Silvia Estrada

Playing with Capsuretinol UHC

At Ecopol Tech we strive for innovation and success. In the following short video you will see how easy is to formulate with Capsuretinol UHC and the unparalleled advantages that our retinol microcapsules bring to the market.

Capsuretinol UHC is the aqueous delivery system with the highest vitamin A content in the market: 13% all-trans retinol (431600 IU/g).

Formulation Benefits: ● Provides less yellow color due to retinol ● Light and non-heavy feeling formulation ● Improved stability and reduced incompatibility of ingredients ● Compatible in water-based formulations ● Maintains rheology and viscosity of formulations ● Active is released upon rubbing product onto skin ● Increased speed to market through easy formulation (no need for surfactants)

Sensory Benefits: ● Allows for higher retinol content in formula ● Provides “oil free” formulations ● No sticky feeling on hair/skin ● Improves spreading on hair/skin ● Less skin irritation than free retinol

Free of:

● Parabens, BHT*, BHA, SVHC, sulphates, formaldehydes, acrylates, phthalates, artificial colorants, gluten, BSE, triclosan, aluminum, VOC, 1,4- dioxane, nitrosamines, pesticides, propylene glycol, diethylene glycol, among other common allergens.

● Vegan & Earth-friendly. ● Not animal tested. Cruelty-free. ● No organic solvents used during production.


Ecopol Tech Team

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