At Ecopol Tech we create cutting-edge polymers and encapsulation systems to optimize their performance and comply with our customers needs.

We develop, manufacture and supply polymers to customers facing technical challenges. These technologies include lubricant additives for engine oils, advanced coatings, specialty adhesives, watermarks and foams, as well as nanotechnologies using mainly polyurethane and polyurea multifunctional polymers.


In addition, Ecopol Tech uses its expertise in polyurea nanotechnology for the encapsulation of active ingredients, focusing on nano/microsystems of tunable encapsulation stability for fabrics, cosmetics and nanomedicine. 



What does synergy mean?

As some gurus say: "something good will happen" might be a good explanation of its true meaning.

Dr. Josep Rocas, our founder and CEO, thought that something good should happen after condensing 30 years of R&D and management experiences into a new company, Ecopol Tech.

Ecopol Tech arose from the desire of reinventing polymer chemistry, to make it more sustainable and innovative by merging industrial polyurethane polymers and nano-biotechnologies to develop smart materials for industrial, home-personal care and bio-pharmaceutical sectors.

Founded in 2005, we are continuously questioning ourselves to supply unique solutions to address the global challenges that our diverse and constantly changing world faces.




Josep Rocas, PhD

CEO & Founder

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Azam Rasool, PhD

R&D Project Manager

Adrià Marin

R&D Project Manager

Neus Isidro

R&D Project Manager

David Bueno

R&D Project Manager

Cristina Japu, PhD

R&D Project Manager

Joaquin Daniel Bonelli, PhD Candidate

R&D Project Manager

Lídia Romera

R&D Project Manager

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Jaime Bueno

Production Support

Joan Cuscó

Production Manager

Braulio Díaz

Production Support

Oriol Torres

R&D/Production Project Manager

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Berta Solé

R&D/Quality Manager

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Sara Carrión

Office Manager

Sílvia Estrada

Customer Relations and Sales Manager

Anna Borrell

Technical Sales

Pau Rocas, PhD

Head of Business Development

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