Regenerative Medicine


At Ecopol Tech we are committed to find new treatments for premature implant failure. We have developed ECOSTRATAR TM a technological platform that allows us to easily bioactivate all kinds of implants, prostheses and other biomaterials. In such a way we ensure a  faster and more reliable implant - human tissue integration.

This proprietary platform technology allows both the controlled release of drugs on the implant surface to prevent infections, fibrosis, inflammation, etc., as well as the targeted adhesion of specific cell types (osteoblastic cells, skin cells, CNS cells, etc.).

This new technology opens a wide range of possibilities for advanced tissue regeneration. It is not only useful for bone regeneration, it has also immediate application for skin healing processes, central nervous system degenerative diseases, etc.

Take a look at our publications.

- Rocas, P.; Hoyos-Nogués, M.; Rocas, J.; Manero, JM.;  Gil J.; Albericio, F.; Mas-Moruno, C. Installing Multifunctionality on Titanium with RGD-decorated Polyurethane-Polyurea Roxithromycin Loaded Nanoparticles: Toward New Osseointegrative Therapies (Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2015, DOI: 10.1002/adhm.201500245).