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Eco-polymeric beads for household washing

During these last months we have been given the priceless opportunity to live in a "tomorrow" world, in which humans retreat and nature advance.

We have seen cities' air contamination levels plummeting, uncommon marine mammals approaching our shores, and listened the birds chirping from home 24/7.

A situation that might have been doomed utopic by many of us turned into into our -new normal- in just a few days. #NATURE finds its way to show us that things can be done differently and, #HUMANITY, can thrive in better balance with our environment.

Yet, we can not expect fully sustainable cities from one day to the next, but we must WORK TOGETHER to find ways that go in this direction. Because, YES, IT IS POSSIBLE.

At #EcopolTech we still have a long way to improve our #polymertech and #nanoscience to make them even greener and more biodegradable, but be assured that we have the talent and vision to get there soon.

That's why we are especially proud of the project we have finished with our friends from Arçelik Global. A disruptive #washingtechnology to decrease water usage, electrical energy usage and thus, highly improve the sustainability and environmental footprint of domestic washing machines.

This great collab has been partially funded by #Eurostars and #CDTI.

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