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  • Silvia Estrada

Ecopol Tech at Cosmetorium 2018

26-27 September 2018 was a special date at Ecopol Tech, as for the first time we had our own stand at a renowned cosmetics tradeshow.

Ecopol Tech is a raw material manufacturer specializing in polymers and encapsulation technologies. On the other hand, Cosmetorium is a tradeshow for cosmetic businesses aiming to be updated with the latest trends and raw materials in cosmetic science coming from national and international manufacturers and distributors. Thus, the synergy was perfect for Ecopol Tech to show their latest innovations to a national and international crowd.

As seen below, we had a small stand (240), very visible and well located..

Ecopol Tech Cosmetorium from inside stand

Ecopol Tech Cosmetorium stand front view

Innovatively, and inspired from the latest trends in NYC, we came out with the idea of offering our visitors the possibility not only to test our products at home with pre-formulated testers, but also to allow them to select their favorite ingredients and get their customized testers home.

It was a huge success and people enjoyed the experience of seeing how easy we formulated our products and how good they felt on their skin and senses. They were able to understand our competitive advantages through real experimentation.


We all had a lot of fun and we look forward to continue bringing innovative solutions to the cosmetic encapsulations market.

Until then, we will keep on working!

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