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  • Silvia Estrada

ECOPOL CCR range. A window to multifunctional coatings

At Ecopol Tech we are glad to present one of our most innovative polymer coatings.

Our Ecopol CCR range of products are waterborne PU dispersions that can be applied in wood furniture, leather, cork, paper, advanced textiles, metals, plastics, cements and hybrids of them.

These products are normally applied using dip coating, roll coating or brush coating followed by a curing process.

PU dispersions can be synthesized with combinations of cationic, anionic, C2 Fluorine, silane and syloxane functionalities displaying multiple unique characteristics to make your coated material much smarter:

💦 SUPERHIDROPHOBIC: High water repellency of coated materials.

🔪 SELF-HEALING: Surface deformations in coated material self-heal masking surface cuts and scratches.

🌊 WATER RESISTANT: Avoids water/humidity degradation issues commonly occurring in wood, leather and paper, among others.

🌱 ECO FRIENDLY: The only solvent you will find in this range of products is water.

🕸️ SILKY TOUCH: A unique touch to leather and advanced textiles.

💪 ABRASION RESISTANT: Specially adequated fo wood, cork, leather and textiles.

✨ SELF-CLEANING: Oleophobic and hydrophobic surface to make your coating fully dirt repellent.

✔️ VISUAL EFFECTS: Transparent coatings with customizable matte or glossy finish. transparent.

⚗️ ALKALI RESISTANT. Adequate for dry fresh mortar, cement and concrete surfaces.

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Phone: +34 977 167 539 (SPAIN) | +1 857 207 9128 (USA)

Let's improve the properties of your materials!

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