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  • Silvia Estrada

IDENTITY MARK. From polymer science to fashion design.

Identity Mark

What are we doing to leave a better world behind us?

We want to present one of our most innovative and disruptive projects: IDENTITY MARK.

We have created a unique innovation for the textile sector. A watermark that will help manufacturers prove the authenticity of their products. Our watermark is a unique feature that adds value to products and makes them unique, giving them personality and opening an endless range of applications in fashion design.

We introduce a new range of water-based and solvent-free watermarks, for their application in different fabric compositions with a completely sustainable process.

This is the first watermark applicable to fabrics and respectful to the environment.

🔒 It allows us to authenticate clothing, accessories and home, furnishings, etc.

🌃🌇 It opens up a world of creative applications for opacity and light effects.

🎽 It is applied to fabrics by printing.

✔️ It can be applied in cotton, polyester and blends as well as to other natural and synthetic fibers.

🖐🏼 It does not modify neither the smoothness nor the touch of the fabric.

💦 Resistant to the washing process

🌱 Respectful to the environment being free of solvents and other harmful substances.

👙 In addition, it has many other applications, as it allows visual effects and semi-transparencies in a wide range of textile products.

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