Pedro Ferrandiz
Mar 9, 2018

Why use encapsulation?

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Hello sir or madame,

What is encapsulation and its reseaon for doing that ?

Pau Rocas
Mar 9, 2018

Hello Pedro,

Thanks for your question. You are our first forum user in the new website!


For example, let's use some common examples to explain it:

Sometimes chemical or natural molecules are toxic (chemotherapeutic drugs), or for example, very unstable as they degrade rapidly in contact with air, water light, etc. (vitamin A). Therefore, they need to be protected, ENCAPSULATED, either to avoid their interaction with healthy cells (chemotherapeutic drugs), or, in the case of Vitamin A, to avoid early oxidation that would compromise its antioxidant properties for food and personal care applications.

For example, let's say that you have a beautiful vase of great craftmanship, and you want to transport it from your home to your mother's home. Normally, if you are a cautious person, you will carefully pack it with bubble plastic wrap and place it inside a cardboard box to prevent it to break and to deliver its decorative qualities at your mum's.

Well, the same applies to encapsulation and delivery systems.


Hope this solves your questions.

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