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Coronavirus Safety Measures

March 30, 2020 Update

Informamos que ECOPOL TECH SL, como parte integrante de la cadena de suministro de empresas esenciales, suministrando la materia prima necesaria para la producción de bienes y servicios de primera necesidad, incluyendo alimentos, bebidas, alimentación animal, productos higiénicos, medicamentos, productos sanitarios o cualquier producto necesario para la protección de la salud a las que se refiere el REAL DECRETO-LEY 10/2020 de 29 de marzo, sigue operando, aunque de forma restringida y con máximas medidas de seguridad solo para cubrir estas áreas, durante el estado de alerta.

March 20, 2020 Update

Dear customers and suppliers,

Ecopol Tech, S.L. is closely following the latest updates through the Government and Public Health information sources regarding Covid-19, and according to their advice, designing improvement actions on a daily basis. In view of the alarming situation we are facing, the health and safety of our employees, our suppliers and our clients is the main concern for our company.

As of now, we have put in place a contingency plan that will allow us to continue providing our services and products. Therefore, and for the time being, in order to be able to continue with our daily tasks in the company, we have taken strict safety and hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the virus.


Adapting to the indications of the sanitary authorities these are some of the measures that we have adopted:

  • Cancellation of any face-to-face meetings at our facilities. Organizing meetings only by video conference with clients or suppliers.

  • Avoiding physical contact at all times (both between workers and with external persons in case they are forced to come to our facilities to pick up or deliver packages, pallets, etc.)

  • Recommended distance of 2 meters (minimum) between workers and/or delivery personnel or other external persons who must come to our facilities.

  • Use of disinfectant gels and cleaning products (in order to disinfect both hands and surfaces and common areas: tables, keyboards, telephones, bathrooms, etc).

  • Shifts during the next two weeks in which workers will be reduced to half of the staff performing on-site tasks.

  • Working from home as much as possible.

  • We as a community need to face this new collective challenge with the maximum responsibility and solidarity. Please cooperate to get through this safely.

    Feel free to contact us via email at


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