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Cancer Research

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At Ecopol Tech we develop new strategies to make chemotherapy drugs less toxic to the human body as well as more specific for tumor cells.

We have created and patented ECOSTRATAR TM a technological platform for targeted drug delivery that allows us to reimagine the way cancer therapies are applied, which features the following characteristics:

Industrial Scalability

Industrial and reproducible scale-up process

Controllable Drug Release Mechanism

Triggered by pH, redox, enzyme changes in the tumor microenvironment

Tumor Cell Targeting Groups 

Peptides, Chemicals, Antibodies for a higher tumor accumulation

Biocompatible and Biodegradable

Polymers used are thoroughly characterized both in vitro and in vivo prior to use

Tunable Surface Charge

Neutral, Amphoteric, Cationic, or Anionic for longer circulation time

Free of Surfactants

No anionic, cationic or neutral surfactants to avoid collateral unstability and toxicitiy

Changing Surface Groups

Biologically-changing nanoparticles surface to evade the RES

Low Cost for Value

Polymerization reactions are fast, quantitative and solvent-free

The possibilities that arise from our versatile technological platform are limitless and we are constantly looking for both academia and industry partners to help us bridging the gap from preclinical to clinical studies.


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See our publications:

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